D/Tox - Will it cure you or kill you?

D/Tox - Will it cure you or kill you?

For this year's christmas project, I have worked on a little game idea — introducing D/Tox, a game that lets you figure out if you can tell if a molecule is good or bad for you.

D/Tox main game screen

The game will randomly select 10 out of a set of 6486 molecules that are either coming from the CHEMBL database of approved drugs or from Katja Hansen's set of Ames Mutagens. Both classes were balanced so that your random chance of guessing correctly is 50%.  I think it turned out pretty fun and educational.

Give it a try here: D/Tox

Thanks to my colleague Miriam Mathea for information on where to get the data to build this!


The 'about' page inside of the game gives some more details on how it was made. Source code is available on my GitLab.